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Customer Testimonies: 

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Rental Cleaning: I appreciate the hard work of you and your cleaning crew and thank you for noting a number of maintenance problems that need to be addressed. Robert July 2014
Angie's List Comment:
I've now had these guys clean my carpets three times. The second time was in late June on a 1900 square foot house and yesterday on an 1100 square foot apartment.
Member Comments: 
All of the carpet cleanings I've had these guys do have been of the same quality that I've come to expect from them. They are always very punctual and thorough. If they see a spot that might need a little extra attention, they give it. They are incredibly helpful and friendly on the phone and in person. I called on Tuesday of this week to see if I could get the carpets cleaned some time this week and they fit me in 3 hours later that day. Couldn't be happier with the service and I will absolutely be using them again in the future. Steven July 2014

Angies List Comment:

Final Touch cleaned and sealed tile and grout.  I was very happy with the outcome, however, Andre was not completely satisfied. He ordered another product and I had to wait a few days for it to arrive. He cleaned again and sealed the tile.  He was correct; the result was amazing.  I would use Andre again if needed and would not hesitate to  recommend him to friends or family or anyone. He has a great work ethic and is very responsible (called me every other day to let me know when he received the new cleaner, and came the very next day to  finish the job.) I am completely satisfied with his work.  Great job Andre! Helen May 2014

Angies List Customer: Cleaned large family room carpet, master bedroom and guest bedroom carpet
Member Comments: 
I requested that the carpets be cleaned the same day I called and they made that happen.  The person arrived on time and was very professional and pleasant.  I was truly impressed with the quality of the work done.  I would not hestitate to hire this company again to clean my carpets.  So glad I found them on Angie's List. Elisabeth April 2014


Angies List Comment: I called them on a monday, they came out and gave me an estimate with an Angie's List member discount and were able to come out Thursday of that week. They cleaned three rooms, a hallway, and a set of stairs and it took about an hour and 45 minutes. They arrived about 15 minutes early and spent the time outside getting all of their hoses and such ready to go and rang my doorbell at exactly the appointment time. Incredibly friendly and prompt. Overall, I was very happy with the service and would definitely use them again in the future. Steve March 2014

Rental Cleaning & Carpet Cleaning: Thanks, Dorothy, I did see the house last week and the inside looked fantastic. I appreciate your quick and thorough work!

Derek M
June 2013

Tile & Grout: Andre was very professional. We needed a couple of bathrooms cleaned (especially grout cleaning). He was very meticulous and did an excellent job. Highly recommended. March 2013

Gainesville, FL

Cleaning & Carpet Cleaning: We cleaned and carpet cleaned Jan's mothers home to prepare it for market after her mother moved to an assisted living home (where she is very happy I'd like to add). The following is a short, but sweet email I received from Jan.

Feb 22, 2013
Thank you Dot! You were an answer to Prayer! Jan

Jan, You are more than welcome! It was a pleasure to meet you. Many Blessings to you and your family.

Ozone, Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning: My carpet that I thought was hopeless, looks amazing and the ozone treatment eliminated all those horrendous smells! Not to forget how well your team cleaned up the entire house, especially the kitchen & bathrooms that I certainly didn't want to deal with! Thanks guys!! Grace D. Feb 2013
OZONE:  I've had a long standing moldy-mildew odor that comes and goes in my older house.  I knew that ozone could kill it, but I wasn't able to do the job with my home machine.  I found out that Final Touch could do the job and had them treat my whole house with their fantastic machines.  My house now smells great.  They were very professional, clean and prompt.  I highly recommend their services. Steve Schachter / Dec 2012

 Carpet Cleaning:  My husband and I want to express our satisfaction with your carpet cleaning services that you performed last Friday. Our carpets look great and your employees were very friendly and professional. Andre was able to squeeze us into the schedule with two days notice during one of the busiest times of the year (August). We asked for our living room and two bedrooms to be cleaned and Andre went above and beyond and cleaned our stairs as well! You can't ask for better customer service. We are so pleased that we will only use your services in the future and have recommended you to all of our friends!

Thank you for a job well done!
Cecelia and Mike R. / August 2012

 Move-In Cleaning: We rented a beautiful home in Gainesville through an on-line source. Much to our disappointment, we arrived  with our moving truck to find our home had not been cleaned. We called the home owners to complain and they quickly recommended Final Touch. They arrived within the hour and completely turned a horrible day into a great one. We love our new place and so appreciate Final Touch for their efforts to make our rental house a home.

Haile Plantation Village Neighbor July 2012

Ozone/Home:  Final Touch, You are amazing in every way! Scheduling the appointment was easy and pleasant, your timeliness was perfect, the quality of your service by taking the extra time and effort my carpet needed was outstanding and your pricing was so affordable--such a valuable experience. And it doesn't stop there! Thank you so much for coming to my house on such short notice and introducing me to your ozone product/service! The dog smell and puppy accident odor was really making me hate being at home. After the ozone service I felt relieved my out of town guests would have a fresh smelling home to visit. Thank you so much! Sincerely, Julia Sunrise Subdivision 3/17/12


Ozone/Vehicle:  I planned a trip with my family and our new baby. A family member offered to let us use their car for the trip. When we picked it up, the smell of cigarette odor was so extreme that it made my wife instantly sick. Luckily, we had heard about the power of ozone and I called Andre' with Final Touch. He was able to do the treatment the same day. Within 1 hour of beginning the treatment, the car was odor free and ready for travel. NO cigarette odor, even with the A/C on!

Deputy Danny C. Mar 8, 2012

Carpet Cleaning: Final Touch cleaned our carpets and removed stubborn stains we expected to see until we ripped that carpet up or moved, whichever came first. Plus, our dog- and cat-heavy house now smells like flowers. 

Several months ago we purchased an online deal for carpet cleaning services from Final Touch. Andre, the owner of the company, was extremely accommodating as we cancelled and rescheduled on him several times, with our final cleaning date slated the day before the expiration on our online coupon. Unexpected last minute circumstances potentially pushed the date beyond expiration, but even though Andre was only going to receive a drastically discounted payment for cleaning our carpets, he was willing to do whatever necessary to ensure we were happy customers. More importantly, he NEVER mentioned the expiration date, agreeing to come after that if necessary. 

That is extraordinary customer service. 

In the end, Final Touch arrived on our scheduled day and did a fabulous job on our carpets. It was a far more professional cleaning than we expected---they don't arrive with a portable unit. The entire machine they use is housed in a trailer. All they came into the house with were vacuum-type heads with hoses that went back to the trailer. They were efficient, polite, professional and they removed a few stubborn stains we thought we'd have to live with for the life of the carpet.

Even more? When my husband told them of an area of our carpeted porch that had an odor problem due to pet elimination, they just went out there and worked on it even though they weren't expected to do so.

We were very impressed and delighted with Final Touch and plan to use them again. And again. 18 Jan 2012 G.Logan

Ozone/Home: A fire broke out in our home mostly causing smoke damage. We were told about Ozone Treatment by the fire department and thought it was worth a try. We are extremely happy to report, in one day, the Ozone removed the smoke odor from our home and, more importantly, from my furniture built by my Grandfather many years ago. I highly recommend Ozone Treatment for any odor. Mary 12/2011

Carpet Cleaning: Final Touch came to my house to clean my carpets...now they look brand new! And, Dot and Andre are incredibly nice to boot! You will be very, very happy if you choose Final Touch. 11/22/11 Laura D.

Carpet Cleaning: Dot and Andre' have cleaned my carpets 2 times. Andre' came to my house for an initial visit and he took plenty of time to see what work I needed done and to explain their services. Both times my carpets came out beautiful! They were thoroughly cleaned and the darker, dirty spots did not return right away as has happened with other carpet cleaning services. Dot and Andre' are very nice to work with - they are honest and do a wonderful job! 11/11/11 Alana B

Cleaning: May 2011 - Final Touch made my rental property look better than when I moved in! Dot and Andre' were very nice, and very professional, they came for an estimate and my house was in perfect shape the very next day. Thanks guys! Watson Tenant/ Chris Gainesville, FL 

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Rental Cleaning: What a difference! Without Final Touch, we probably would not have gotten our security deposit back. Eric Eagle Trace Town Homes

Remodel Cleaning: I had no idea remodeling would make such a mess!  Luckily, my remodeling company uses Final Touch for all of their cleaning needs.  They cleaned up all of the construction dust throughout my house and left my new addition ready for me to move in! They did such a great job that now I use them on a regular basis. Ms. Elisabeth/Haile Plantation

Cleaning: Final Touch cleaned a rental home that we were moving out of and they did a PERFECT job! They helped us with our moving process - it was so convenient and at a great price too. We will always call Dot and Andre for our cleaning needs. -- Jorelle and Michael Bobbitt, Gainesville FL

Tile & Grout Cleaning: Final Touch did a great job on our kitchen and family room tile. We needed the work done fairly quickly, and they were very accommodating of our needs. They were very professional and the place looked great! We had such positive feedback from friends who came over and could see the difference. We wouldn't hesitate to use them again or recommend them to anyone who needed similar tile and grout cleaning done - great job! June 2011 Earlton, FL

Carpet Cleaning: Final Touch saved me from having to replace a rental carpet that I didn't have much hope for.  Thanks for saving me $$ Andre'!  Larry 

Final Touch came to my house to clean my carpets...now they look brand new!  And, Dot and Andre are incredibly nice to boot!  You will be happy if you choose Final Touch. Laura D.

Cleaning: Professional attitude and willingness to serve. All services rendered were high quality and well exceeded my expectations. Lee J.

Tile & Grout Cleaning: If your looking for professionalism, these people go above and beyond. Hard workers with a sense of perfection. I will certainly be calling Final Touch again! Sept. 2010 Jim@Turkey Creek

A testimony from the Owners , Dot and Andre' Darr concerning OZONE.

We are very excited about the potential health benefits of Ozone Air Sterilization and encourage people to educate themselves and understand the natural power it offers. We purchased our Ozone Generator after researching many generators with various options and milligram levels of ozone production.  We feel we purchased the best available on the market producing 28,000mg of Ozone. We are excited to say that what we learned during that research has proven true time and time again. While using the Ozone Generator at a student complex during their "Turn", we were all (including the management) very impressed with the results of our generator in particular.  In the past, there had been other cleaning companies who used an Ozone generator for them, but never before had they experienced such a difference in less than half the time. The transformation from a smoke ridden or stinky pet odor filled apartment to a fresh, clean smell in such a short time was amazing! We were told that what our generator did in just a few hours would normally have taken several days with the other companies equipment. One manager even said the smell after treatment reminded him of a day at the beach.  We are very proud to offer Ozone Air Sterilization as a part of our growing business and look forward to helping create a healthier living environment for our customers.  We are so confident in it's potential that we Guarantee results.

Dot and Andre' 8/3/11

Please feel free to leave your testimony or comment below. We are always glad to hear from our customers.