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Cleaning Services in Gainesville: (and surrounding areas)

Residential Cleaning

Rental & Realty Move In/Out Cleaning

New Construction/Remodel Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Stretching

Carpet Repair

Odor Removal and *Ozone Air Sterilization

Ozone Shock Treatment = Guaranteed Odor Removal (Ozone Treatments are 100% Natural)

Water Extractions

Tile & Grout Cleaning/Restoration

Grout Color Change w/Sealant 

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Concrete Acid Staining

Window Cleaning

All services are available for:



Real Estate


New Construction


*Ozone sterilizes your home leaving a germ and allergen free environment. We offer a FREE Ozone Sterilization to patients who suffer with Immune Deficiency conditions due to medical treatments. We believe Ozone Sterilization may be the best defense for a healthy recovery.

We are pleased to say that we use Environment Friendly products whenever possible for Cleaning and Carpet Cleaning.

Licensed and Insured

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