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Picture Gallery... Before and after pictures from Rental Cleanings, Window Cleanings, Carpet Cleaning and Tile & Grout Cleaning.

These windows were clouded with cigarette tar. What a difference!

See the clarity in this photo after cleaning?

The photo on the far right shows brown smokers tar running off as I squeegee the liquid window cleaner away. Again, see clearly on the right side of the squeegee and still cloudy to the left of it. Eewww!

Rental homes and apartments are sometimes left in a condition you would never leave it in as a home owner. We have the know how to get it back in shape for you or your next tenant.


Final Touch uses one of the most powerful motors for Carpet Cleaning and Tile/Grout Cleaning  in Gainesville. For Tile/Grout cleaning, we generally use 2,500 PSI for the deepest cleaning possible.

With such a strong motor, even extremely dirty carpets can be redeemed.  Seeing is believing!

This Vinyl flooring was seriously dirty and may have to be replaced if we can't get it clean.

Typically, just using our hard surface cleaning attachment at 2,500psi will clean dirty grout lines. The biggest problem with the floor at the Orthopedic Institute was that it had been previously sealed over dirty grout, apparently multiple times.  Even the highest pressure, chemicals and hottest temperature did not move the stains embedded in this grout. Their only option, other than Grout Color Change, was removing the old grout and replacing it with new which is very costly and time consuming. Because they are open Monday-Friday, the color change had to be completed over a weekend.

Badly stained grout

Badly stained grout can be renewed! Even after cleaning the grout at the Orthopedic Institute, the damage was so severe that we applied our Grout Color Change to refresh the look.  Their patients thought they got their tile floor replaced over the weekend!

A carpet cleaning in this doctors office in Magnolia Park made a drastic improvement.

Tile and Grout should be professionally cleaned at least 2 times a year. Even grout that has been sealed will eventually become soiled like this one below without professional cleaning. The advantage of using a sealant on grout is to protect it from staining.

The photos below started out as a water extraction, however, we wanted to turn a bad situation into a good one for the new tenants moving in so we cleaned all of the living room area as well.

As you can see, this carpet was filthy!

After Cleaning.  Great results!  The property manager was very happy!

To finish faster, most other Carpet Cleaning companies strictly use the width of their cleaning wand, by orders of their boss. We intentionally overlap and make smaller forward movements covering, overlapping each section at least 3 times leaving the carpet much cleaner.

Andre' and the Final Touch hard surface cleaner to the rescue!

Grout Color Change is a great answer for saving damaged and/or badly stained grout. Our product is stain and mildew resistant and will leave your tile floor looking brand new! The Grout Color Change product we use is so impressive that when presented to a national home decor store for resale purposes, were told to come back when the product was "not so good". Retailers only want to sell color change products that will keep you coming back.

Before...and After

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