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 Ozone Sterilization


Why Ozone?

Indoor air pollution is recognized as one of the major health concerns facing the nation today causing Allergy Symptoms, Asthma, Headaches, Fatique and Nausea and many severe and even unknown illnesses. The EPA estimates that the indoor levels of many pollutants are 2-5 times higher, and on occasion 100 times higher than outdoor levels. Because of this, the EPA ranks indoor air as one of the top five environmental threats to human health. An Ozone Sterilization, aka, Ozone Shock Therapy, can dramatically improve indoor air quality destroying mold & mildew, harmful VOC's, living organisms, germs, viruses, pet & tobacco odor, etc., creating a cleaner, safer, oxygen enriched atmosphere in your home or work environment. Ozone is a natural occurrence in nature. It is produced by conditions such as thunderstorms, lightening strikes and waterfalls, In fact, the fresh, clean smelling air you enjoy after a storm is a lingering result of ozone. We are pleased to provide this service improving the health of you and your family.

How does the Ozone Air Sterilization work? You must be wondering how we can produce and administer this natural occurring miracle? I will not waist time with technical words. It's easy enough to explain without all that. Safety first...we start by being sure all people, pets and plants are cleared from the treatment area. Next, we set up the Ozone generator to blow through the air handling system to include HVAC ducts as well, reaching all rooms in your home or office. Our Ozone generator draws in oxygen and zaps it with electricity while passing over ceramic panels. During this process, the generator essentially transforms oxygen, aka 02, into powerful Ozone, aka 03, and blows it thru the HVAC system with a 1.5 horse power motor. When disarmed by the timer or remote control devise, the ozone dissipates and oxygen returns within 30 minutes, leaving the treated area free of odor causing pollutants.

 These filters were removed from the Ozone Generator after treatment in a home that had been vacant 2 months prior to the treatment. The black tar seen on these filters clearly show that there are toxins left behind even when no obvious smoke is present.

The ONLY way to truly sterilize an area contaminated with mold, viruses, bacteria, or serious odors is with very high levels of ozone. You can not totally "sterilize" with low air purification levels of ozone offered by department store models with a production level of below .05mg ozone as approved by the EPA for public use. For absolute results, you must call in a professional. Our Ozone generator produces intense Ozone levels creating an environment impossible for any organism to survive thus, ridding your home of these concerns. Before choosing a professional to administer your treatment, ask the number of milligrams his generator produces. An ozone generator producing lower amounts of ozone could potentially take days costing several hundred dollars for a single treatment and the cost of a stay at a hotel. Our Ozone generator produces enough ozone to purify a 3,000 sq ft home in just one 8 hour treatment! And now that we have several Ozone generators, it is possible to cut down the overall treatment time even more with the same amazing results by placing multiple units around the residence for even faster results at no additional charge.

Where is Ozone Treatment beneficial? Anywhere people reside or work, including Schools, Daycare, Gyms, Veterinary Clinics, Kennels, Doctors Offices, Nursing Homes, Dental Offices, Clubs, Bingo Halls, Restaurants etc.

Our Ozone Air Treatments are performed only when NO people, pets, or plants are present. This is because a high toxic level of ozone is needed to kill the germs, mold, bacteria, odor and viruses present in the treatment area. Within 1 hour after treatment is complete, the environment  is oxygen enriched, safe and refreshed with NO lingering residue to clean up.  We are pleased to provide this service improving the health of you and your family.

How much does an Ozone Sterilization cost?

In order to evaluate the odor or condition, we must come see/smell for ourselves to give you an accurate estimate. Some types of odor may require longer running time than others or perhaps additional preparations may be necessary. No matter what the circumstances, we guarantee positive "odor free" results. To answer the question, the cost for Ozone Sterilization using the Ozone Generator under minimal conditions would normally be $0.25 cents per square foot. We do have a minimum trip charge which would also apply.

 Our Special Offer to patients:
Ozone sterilizes your home leaving a germ and allergen free environment. We offer a FREE Ozone Sterilization treatment in homes of patients who suffer with Immune Deficiency conditions due to medical treatments. We believe Ozone Sterilization may be the best defense for a healthy recovery by creating a healthy indoor environment.

Ozone Air Sterilization Treatment

       Ozone Treatments are 100% Natural

Destroys Odor, Allergens and More:
Urine and Pet Odors

Cigarette/Cigar/Pipe Odor

Mold & Mildew Odor

Kills MRSA

Kills Viruses
Kills Bacteria 

New Carpet & Paint Odors
Harmful VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds)
Smoke/Fire Damage Odor
Heavy Cooking Odors

Odors of Decomposition & Crime Scenes
Sterilizes A/C Ducts

Ozone Shock Treatment will eradicate odor and completely sterilize your home, office, or vehicle.

Even our most loved and adored pets can create some stinky situations.

Featured below, our Baby Girl Layla and our friends kitty Sweety Pie.

Also Yogi! (We sometimes called him Eyore because he could be verrry slow.)

Below: Our friend Indy, who comes to visit on occasion...We offer him a home away from home when his family is out of town.

Common viruses and germs may linger in your home just waiting for the opportunity to make you or a family member sick. Even our pets can contract germs and become contagious hosts for MRSA, Streptococcus and other illnesses.

 A note from Dot: The power of Ozone never ceases to amaze us. We have used the Ozone Generator for multitudes of odors and the results are always the same. The odor is gone, replaced by a fresh, crisp scent, and the client is very happy!

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Ozone for pest control?  Ozone Treatment is a "Green" pest control.  Ozone Shock Treatments might just be the best "Green" solution!  Ultra high levels of ozone can kill small insects such as bedbugs, dust mites, and tiny "parasites"...

"Even though this is a different application of Ozone, I found it very interesting and wanted to share the knowledge." 

Just copy and paste on your search engine for some interesting insight.

Physicians have found Ozone  to be beneficial as well...

Medical Ozone has saved the lives of millions of people suffering from cancer, AIDS, Alzheimer’s
, hepatitis and more....

Dr. Robert Rowen, MD Describes Benefits Of Ozone Therapy...

Medical Ozone Therapy: How It Can Repair Injured Tissue and Relieve Pain...

Some of our customer's Ozone Testimonies:

A fire broke out in our home mostly causing smoke damage. We were told about Ozone Treatment by the fire department and thought it was worth a try. We are extremely happy to report, in one day, the Ozone removed the smoke odor from our home and, more importantly, from my furniture built by my Grandfather many years ago. I highly recommend Ozone Treatment for any odor. Mary 12/2011

I planned a trip with my family and our new baby. A family member offered to let us use their car for the trip. When we picked it up, the smell of cigarette odor was so extreme that it made my wife instantly sick. Luckily, we had heard about the power of ozone and I called Andre' with Final Touch. He was able to do the treatment the same day. Within 1 hour of beginning the treatment, the car was odor free and ready for travel. NO cigarette odor, even with the A/C on! 

Sheriff Deputy Danny C. Mar 8, 2012

Final Touch, You are amazing in every way! Scheduling the appointment was easy and pleasant, your timeliness was perfect, the quality of your service by taking the extra time and effort my carpet needed was outstanding and your pricing was so affordable--such a valuable experience.
And it doesn't stop there! Thank you so much for coming to my house on such short notice and introducing me to your ozone product/service! The dog smell and puppy accident odor was really making me hate being at home. After the ozone service I felt relieved my out of town guests would have a fresh smelling home to visit. Thank you so much! Sincerely, Julia Sunrise Subdivision

The article below was borrowed from the National Ozone Association website:

Angie (Angie's List) says Ozone for Smoke Odor

Angie Hicks and Smoke OdorGetting a ringing endorsement for an ozone treatment is a rare thing, but if you can't believe Angie Hicks of Angie's List ... who can you believe.  We'll the Modesto Bee carries a series of informative articles called "Ask Angie".  In the article, Angie explains how difficult smoke odors can be to get out, and she is right.

Smoke odor embed everywhere, and leave a film that can be in the carpet, drapes, cabinets, walls, and ceiling.  Hand cleaning is nearly impossible unless you scrub every single inch, including walls and ceiling.

Painting will not work to destroy smoke and cooking odors.  Even the scented paint is a short-term fix.  Once paint dries, it becomes porous, and the smoke odor will gradually leach out.  

Carpet cleaning is also a partial fix.  The carpet is not the only area that the smoke smell hides.  Drapes and furniture also hold smoke.  

The whole process makes smoke odor removal seem like a lost cause.  Well, ozone is the smart solution for smoke odors.  Many used car lots turn to ozone service professionals to apply a combination of ozone and BioZone Protectant to get rid of hard-to-destroy smoke odors.  

The article is well-stated, and correct.  Ozone treatments require a few hours to apply, and the building must be vacated during application.  The good news is that this safe treatment touches every single part of the building, including the air ducts (where odors and allergens can hide).  Ozone dissipates in about 20 minutes leaving a clean smell that fades in 24 hours.  

Realtors need to find an ozone expert in their area from www.CallRemy.com or the NOAI directory.  Hotels, motels, apartment complexes, and condo managers should have an ozone expert on speed dial to solve any odor for vacated homes, rooms, or apartments.